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(1) Please check whether it is caused by mis-touch (jewelry in the bag, clothes touch by mistake, etc.)

(2) Please check whether the app has received multiple notifications in succession. If it has, it may be caused by network delay. Please observe whether it will happen again while maintaining a good network connection.

(3) If you are using an iPhone, and after confirming all of the above, the jewelry still flashes and vibrates on its own, please upgrade the jewelry firmware to resolve the issue.

Click on 'ME-Manage My totwoo-Tap on totwoo firmware version number located on the right side of totwoo firmware update the ten times consecutively. This action will prompt the firmware update page, and you can follow the on-screen instructions (as shown in the image) to proceed with the update.

This is largely due to the voltage transition of your power adapter, which is caused by a voltage mismatch with the totwoo charger. The voltage output of the totwoo charger is the same as the standard 5V of most mobile phones, but it cannot adapt to the output above 5V (for power output, you can check the relevant data index on your power adapter) and the power adaptation of the fast charge. Please try to connect totwoo's charger with the adapter of your phone charger. Alternatively, you can use your computer to charge the totwoo. If it still can't be charged, please contact customer service

A:(1) Please check first:
-Check if the SMS inbox has been intercepted by the system or other APP?
-Is the phone network and signal normal?
-Is the area code selection and phone number input correct?
-Is the phone disconnected due to overdue payment?
(2) What if I still can't receive it after checking?
-Don't worry, please contact the official customer service to send you a special verification code. Email address:

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