Q. Having connection problems with your app?

If anyone is having a problem connecting. We highly recommend you update your Android device system to the newest version. Our App will work more properly.
Update your
Android device by tapping Settings > About phone. In the Settings section, tap Check for Updates and install the available update.

Accept all permission requests for the app to access resources on your phone, e.g. Bluetooth. Not accepting the permission requests will lead to your bracelet not getting connected to your phone.

If anyone is having a problem connecting, try turning your location on and the Bluetooth at the same time. Besides, you need to know:

  1. Your Totwoo might not be connected to the internet (Wi-Fi or cellular network)
  2. Your Totwoo might have run out of battery
  3. Your Totwoo and phone may be too far away from each other: make sure they’re within 10ft (3m) from each other
  4. Switch off your phone’s internet(Wi-Fi or cellular) and switch it on again
  5. Go to Settings -Bluetooth (To make sure it's turning on)
  6. Switch off your phone's Bluetooth and switch it on again
  7. Go to Settings -Location (To make sure it's turning on)

Your app must be running the whole time and make sure to keep the Bluetooth and Totwoo app are connecting. Since the app is always automatically closed by the mobile phone due to some unavoidable reasons, so you have to set your phone as follows:

  1. Make sure the phone is Not in Low Power Mode
  2. Turn off DND (Do not Disturb) Mode
  3. Enabling Background App Refresh: Go to settings > Totwoo > Turn on Background App Refresh
  4. Enabling Notifications: Go to setting - notifications - totwoo - turn on notifications for all options
  5. Try to remove all the other apps are running background
  6. Check all settings: Me > System Settings on your Totwoo app.
  7. Close the Totwoo app and launch it again (clear it from the task tray)
  8. Delete and re-install Totwoo app 

PS: The smart jewelry only works when it's connected with the app and the app is running.