To Connect, Two Connected

We are connecting people through every touch, every spark, every heartbeat, and every step. We invent smart jewellery that is not only for couples but for all relationships. Stay connected with the person that you love with just one touch.

We are

As one of the leading brands in the field, totwoo invents, designs, manufactures a range of award-winning smart jewelry since 2015. ToTwoo offers an opportunity, also a solution for people to be connected no matter the distance.

The Founders

Jieming Mats Wang, a former journalist in Stockholm. Marco Dal Maso, an uprising Italian jewelry designer, met in Beijing in 2014.

Jieming asked Marco if technology can connect people, not just in words or codes, but emotions and feelings.

Marco said: "Why not?".

One year later, totwoo was launched in Milan as the first smart jewelry in the world that aims to connect love regardless of the distance.