About Totwoo

Our Mission

Everyone in the world is different, we can be different but so in love with each other. We all aspire to establish a unique and special connection with our loved ones. Totwoo helps you build a perceptible, visible and distinctive connection with your loved ones. Interact with your lover anytime and anywhere, to express your thoughts and send love messages. Through beautiful design and modern technology, Totwoo is committed to providing a fashionable and full-time intimate connection for all loved ones around the world through long-distance interaction.

Totwoo couple bracelets gift

Love in Diversity

I just want you to know that I know we are different, but our love is the same. Distance no longer frightens me, because I can feel you anytime. Vibration and flash reminders allow us to feel the love in the first place and give timely respond. The love space for couples allows us to speak freely, send lovely expressions, and record each other’s important moments.


Store Your Precious Memory

Picture, video, audio, and text can be stored in jewelry, tap the jewelry to open the story page. Let the jewelry be the magic key to save and open the door of all memories. The memories can be shared to your beloved one. It’s a cool thing to seal up memories and send as gifts to your lover, or to keep memories that are special to both of you.


meteor garden bracelets
meteor garden bracelets

Be Healthy

The jewelry is not just an ornament, it’s also a pedometer. Wear it with you and monitor the movement and calories consumption through Totwoo App. Always remind you and your lover to keep exercising and healthy. Feature collection includes:

  • Break reminder
  • Hydration reminder
  • Menstruation reminder

Focus on What Matters

Totwoo Smart Jewelry reminds important things:

  • App notification
  • Call notification
  • Event notification

Promise to never miss important phone calls and event again.

meteor garden bracelets
Totwoo couple bracelets gift

Best Gift for Him and Her

Totwoo Smart Jewelry can be worn at any time, reminding you to love, reminding you to keep healthy and remember the precious time of two people. This Fashionable smart jewelry is the best gift to show love  on wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthday and any date that is imperative.  Totwoo Smart Jewelry is the best choice for giving yourself, your lover, your parents and even your children.