totwoo Love Bracelets are revolutionizing old-fashioned couples bracelets. Share your love and emotions through intimate vibrations and glow, no matter the distance. Feel the love on your wrist.

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Sun&Moon Touch Bracelets with Matching Beads
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Sun&Moon Touch Bracelets with Snake Chain(Black+Rose Gold)
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Azure Dream 2.0 Touch Bracelets with Blue Aventurine
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Mountain&Sea Touch Bracelets with Milan Rope(Black+Brown)
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New Arrival

We Bloom & We Bold

The first smart jewelry connecting to love introduced by totwoo in 2015

We Bloom & We Bold

The first smart jewelry connecting to love introduced by totwoo in 2015

Mountain & Sea Beaded Bracelets

Enjoy 5% OFF

Mountain & Sea Beaded Bracelets

Enjoy 5% OFF

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totwoo Memory necklace

Unleash Love's Voice

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totwoo meet ring

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Your Free totwoo App

It is all about you two

We created the totwoo App to provide a special online space. Get the most out of our products with the app, where you can upload media to your jewelry, record your life, or send a surprise message. The totwoo App is an extension of love and shows your loved ones just how special they are.

Why People Love totwoo


It's nice and simple. Honestly I get so busy at work I'm not checking my phone and with my ADHD I'm horrible at responding even if I did have time but when that bracelet goes off it takes the stress away from me for a moment and reminds me that I'm loved and that someone is thinking of me. And I can tap it to let them know I'm thinking of them too.

Lexington TN

oh merde... y a une partie de moi qui arrive à trouver ça cool. Genre, t'as la flemme d'envoyer un message, tu sais pas quoi dire, ta vie est nulle et vide en ce moment, mais tu veux quand même dire à l'autre que tu penses à lui....

Anne D.
Paris, FR

Great bracelet and makes the wife smile when it goes off!
It's a simple little fun thing, but it really makes my wife smile throughout the day knowing I'm thinking of her as I work or whatnot. She loves having a simple nudge rather than having to type out a text!


These are awesome I have them and it’s brought us closer as there are times in the day or on trips that the simple I love you when your away is so heart warming. Just love this product

Amy Kaczmarek
Los Angeles, CA

Near or far, wherever you are! Stay connected!
I personally like how these bracelets work for my wife and I! There are times where I can't text at work so I simply press the bracelet and she receives it at home or wherever she may be! You do have to be connected to your phone with the app installed but aside from that, as long as you follow the instructions provided, it is a way to stay in touch with your loved one!

Kathi M.
Storrs, CT

☀️ These matching smart bracelets allow you to stay connected with your loved one even from a distance! The bracelet connects to an app on your phone, so no matter how far away you are, as long as you have Wi-Fi/data, just tap your bracelet and your partner’s will vibrate and flash, knowing that you’re thinking about them!! ☺️❤️ You can even set up custom colors depending on the type of message.