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Jewelry Care

totwoo Couple's Smart Jewelry Maintenance Guide

Thank you for choosing totwoo couple's smart jewelry. To ensure that your jewelry remains in optimal condition and retains its beauty, we recommend following these maintenance guidelines:

Cleaning Instructions

1. Routine Cleaning: Regularly use a soft dry cloth to gently wipe the surface of the jewelry to remove dust and fingerprints.
2. Deep Cleaning: If the jewelry surface becomes particularly dirty, wipe it with a slightly damp soft cloth. Avoid using soap water or any other cleaning agents to prevent damage to the jewelry.
3. Smart Components: For built-in smart components, avoid exposure to moisture. Wipe with a dry soft cloth to ensure that no water or moisture penetrates the internal components.

Storage Guidelines

1. Avoid Scratches: Store the jewelry separately in a soft cloth bag or jewelry box to prevent scratches from contact with other hard objects.
2. Moisture Protection: Keep the storage environment dry to prevent oxidation of the metal components.

Usage Precautions

1. Avoid Chemicals: When wearing the jewelry, try to avoid contact with perfumes, hand sanitizers, and other chemicals, as these substances can damage the surface and smart components of the jewelry.
2. Temperature and Environment: Avoid wearing the jewelry in extreme temperatures or corrosive environments, such as beaches and swimming pools, as these conditions may accelerate damage to the smart components.


Battery Maintenance

To ensure optimal performance of the lithium battery, it is recommended to charge the totwoo jewelry at least once a month, even when not in use. This helps maintain the battery in good condition and prevents the battery from draining and becoming unable to charge after prolonged non-use.

Regular Inspection

Periodically check the jewelry's connectors and smart components to ensure there are no signs of looseness or damage. If any issues are found, please contact totwoo's professional after-sales service for maintenance.

Jewelry Care