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totwoo was founded in Milan with a unique focus: to make people feel more loved and connected. 

Our need to be loved and linked begins even before birth. Everyone wants to love, to be loved, and to feel connected.

At totwoo, we know that our need is to be connected.

So, we established totwoo. We are here to inspire people to live more fulfilling lives by meeting the most important human need - love and connection.

We created smart jewelry to exchange positive energy with the ones we adore. To make you feel heard and give you a sense of "love and connection" by combining technology with expert craftsmanship. totwoo brings innovation and playfulness to jewelry. It provides a greater way to build a connection, express emotions over distance with just a touch, and store your memories in a modern locket that never fades away. With totwoo, we're connected more than ever.


At totwoo, we always focus on the jewelry itself.

Jewelry was born with a mission to express love and connection for thousands of years, previously through its materials and design. Today, we are incorporating technology. In social networking, technology can lead to user interaction across space and time. So, we creatively integrate the two with the hope that jewellery will bring people a better experience of love and connection. 

Our mission is to create and update jewellery. But we never forget true craftsmanship. We are careful when we add technology to prevent jewellery from becoming just an industrial product and losing its original spirit.

معلومات عنا