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Top 5 Christmas Eve Ideas for Couples

As one of the most important festival in a year, how to celebrate Christmas Eve may bother some people, especially for couples. On Christmas Eve, fun, new festive activities often run dry, but this should be the opposite. We've listed of 5 activities to do with your lover on Christmas Eve to make the most of the day. Treat your loved ones to something special, not just say “Happy Christmas Eve!” to him/her. Here are 5 Christmas eve ideas for couples. Don’t know how to spend a meaningful night? Check this post and you will get answers.


1. Exchange and Open Gifts

Opening a gift on Christmas Eve is a very popular tradition for American families. You and your lover have been sitting on secret gifts for weeks by the time Christmas Eve arrives. Now it’s time to open it. The gift you gave shows your love so it’s significant to pick a suitable gift to your lover. 

On Christmas, it’s a good idea to give couple gifts, such as couple bracelets or couple rings. totwoo smart bracelets is designed for couples no matter you're in the same space or you're thousands miles away. After the bracelet is connected to your phone, when you tap your bracelets, the other’s will flash and vibrate, conveying love and missing. Choose a gift of love and surprise him/her on Christmas Eve!

 christmas gift

2. Prepare a Christmas Eve Dinner Together

Everyone wants to enjoy a feast on Christmas Eve, of course. However, preparing dinner together can also be a fun part of the night. From buying and washing ingredients, to working together to finish a big meal, these can boost the relationship between the couple and become a good memory on Christmas Eve. 

Also,don’t forget to bake Christmas cookies. There's nothing better than festive baking! Making dough, stamping out biscuits, and then getting creative with the decorations is a interesting afternoon activity. You can bake cookies for each other and decorate them with your favorite patterns. Nothing tastes better than food cooked by someone you love.

Top 5 Christmas Eve Ideas for Couples

3. Watch Christmas Movies

Get cosy on the sofa with your partener and watch your favorite Christmas movies. This is a great way to enjoy the special night while still making time for family. Whether it's funny or scary, as long as you watch movies together, you've already created your own memories.

You can watch anime movies such as Klaus or The Nightmare Before Christmas. Watching some classic movies is a good choice too, such as The Pursuit of Happyness or Edwards Scissorhands. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the movie after you watch it. May be it’s a good opportunity for you to have an in-depth conversation.

 watch movies 

4. Decorate a Christmas Tree

It's a lovely idea to purchase an ornament for the tree and decorate it with love. This is a yearly tradition to remind you of previous celebrations. The best part about decorating your Christmas tree is that it can easily become one of the Christmas traditions, alongside making DIY Christmas ornaments and decorations. You can decorate your Christmas tree with creative stars or snowflakes, lights and even flowers.

If you bake some Christmas cookies at this night, it is also a wonderful idea to decorate the tree with these cookies! If you can keep your crew from digging in the night before, your cookie tree can serve as a centerpiece for your Christmas Day feast.

 decorate a christmas tree

5. Take some pictures

Even in the age of Instagram, remembering to stop and take a photo when you're trying to live in the moment can be difficult. Starting a new family tradition of taking even one photo on Christmas Eve, on the other hand, can provide you with a personal and permanent records of you two. It is also a great idea to take photos in the same place or put on the same poses together. Looking at these photos after a while, you will definitely be filled with emotion.

totwoo MEMORY necklace is designed for storing memories in the necklace. It is a great idea to record some photos, videos or even songs you sang together. You can keep it until the next Christmas to keep warm memories.

take some photos

The above is what we recommend top 5 Christmas Eve ideas for couples. In addition, there are many interesting activities to do on Christmas Eve such as preparing some games and play them and going hiking outdoors. Anyway, Spending the most important holiday of the year with loved ones and creating exclusive romantic memories is the most important thing. Finally, don’t forget to say “Happy Christmas Eve” to your lover. Wish you all a merry Christmas!

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Top 5 Christmas Eve Ideas for Couples