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Low Dating Budget? There Are 8 Cheap Date Ideas That Still Fun

You met a girl on a dating app or website. You really like her and you want to ask her out. But you are a student with no extra money for a date. Don’t worry. You are not alone. Not everyone can bring a partner to an expensive restaurant. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good time with a low budget. It's possible to have a romantic date in a budget-friendly way. Here are some cheap date ideas to help you have a fantastic date with your partner with a low budget.

1. Go to a museum 

Although tickets to some famous museums are expensive such as Louvre, some local museums cost just a little money. Remember to pick a museum you two are both interested in, otherwise the other may feel bored when visiting a museum. In addition, you two will also learn about the history and broaden your knowledge.

go to museum

2. Go hiking outside

You can pick a suitable place to plan an outside activity with your partner. Encourage each other when you are tired, and finally enjoy the beautiful scenery together, this process will also deepen the relationship between you and your partner. Before considering the place to go hiking, be sure that the place is suitable for both of you. Maybe you are adept at hiking, but the one you date is a newbie. Then you should pick a place with flat terrain.

 go hiking

3. Go for a picnic in a park

It is a good idea to find a park and have a picnic together. You can have a picnic while enjoying the view of the park. This is especially good for office workers to experience the beauty of nature on a day off. Finding a pure land in the noisy city, the park is a quiet place to whisper to each other. Say something romantic to the one you loved.

4. Read some books in a library

If you and your lover are crazy about reading books and literature. Reading some books must be an inevitable choice. Maybe you won’t communicate with each other during the date. But you can share your thoughts about the book you read and exchange some ideas together. It must be the most meaningful date ever!

read books 

5. Volunteer together

If you and your partner are both caring people, you can volunteer together. Whether you go to help animals or the elderly, this will be a meaningful and good memory for you. Volunteering together not only shows your love for the weak, but you can also show off your other strengths in this process, such as carefulness and patience.

6. Cook dinner together

Go to buy ingredients together and cook dinner! During this process, you can know more about your partner’s tastes. Remember to take care of your lover in the process. Try not to let her/him do something dangerous such as cutting vegetables. A well-planned meal will be more palatable. Here are some recipes you can refer to.

 cook dinner together

7. Play indoor games

This idea may be overlooked by some people, but it should be included in cheap date ideas. Before the date, you can prepare some indoor games. As long as you you focus on preparing fun games, you and your partner will have a great time. The form of the game is not important, the important thing is to make the other side feel your heart. Plus, don’t pick up a computer game that only you like and ignore him/her. It’s very impolite.

8. Do some sports

If you and your partner are crazy about doing exercises, then why not do some sports together? Try to go running or play ball games. Sports are also good topics. You can talk about some sports tips and discuss sports experiences. Doing sports is also good for your health. The more you exercise, the better and healthier you and your partner will be.


Cheap dates (that don't feel cheap) aren't just for people in their first few months of dating. Long-term couples still require a steady supply of good date night options, especially if they are on a budget or simply do not enjoy expensive dinners.

Dates don't have to be expensive to be memorable and enjoyable. Instead, you can learn to appreciate the quality time and creativity that come with these cheap date ideas. Simply include a date budget line in your monthly budget and stick to it. But don't forget to give him/her memorable gifts someday.

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Low Dating Budget? There Are 8 Cheap Date Ideas That Still Fun