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أساور مطرز متطابقة ذكية من صن آند مون
أساور مطرز متطابقة ذكية من صن آند مون
أساور مطرز متطابقة ذكية من صن آند مون
أساور مطرز متطابقة ذكية من صن آند مون
أساور مطرز متطابقة ذكية من صن آند مون
أساور مطرز متطابقة ذكية من صن آند مون
أساور مطرز متطابقة ذكية من صن آند مون
أساور مطرز متطابقة ذكية من صن آند مون

أساور مطرز متطابقة ذكية من صن آند مون

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ارتدي الحب على معصمك واشعر بالاتصال حتى عندما تكونوا بعيدًا عن بعضكما. بامتلاككما سويًا سوارًا خاصًا يضيء ويهتز مع لمسة كل منكما، يمكنكما أن تمنحا بعضكما الآخر الطريقة لإبلاغ بعضكما الآخر بأنكم تفكران في بعضكما البعض، حتى عندما تكونوا بعيدين عن بعضكما. يمكن أن يكون هذا الأمر ذو معنى للحفاظ على الاتصال والشعور بالقرب، وخاصة في الأوقات التي قد تجعل فيها المسافة أو الجداول المزدحمة من الصعب البقاء على اتصال بقدر ما ترغب.

هذه الأساور اللؤلؤية عن بعد ليست فقط أنيقة ولكنها تعد تذكيرًا دائمًا بالحب والارتباط بين الأم وابنتها. ارتديها كل يوم أو في المناسبات الخاصة لتشعرا بالقرب من بعضكما البعض، حتى عندما تكونوا بعيدين عن بعضكما. 

أبرز عناصر التصميم البوهيمي الأكثر أناقة - القمر والنجمة!
تم تصميمها من "حب الأم مثل القمر والنجوم: دائمًا موجود، دائمًا مشرق". يمثل تصميم القمر والنجمة الرابطة اللازمة بين الأم وابنتها. فحب الأم دائمًا موجود لطفلها، تمامًا كما يكون القمر والنجوم دائمًا موجودة ومشرقة في السماء.
اطلق طاقتك الطبيعية مع أساور totwoo المصنوعة من الخرز الطبيعي. استمد قوتك من الأجات السوداء للرخاء والشجاعة، بينما يرمز حجر هاولايت إلى الطاقة والشفاء. امزج وتوافق لتشعر بكلا الحجرين في كل سوار. دع هذا السوار المتطابق يكون تذكيرًا دائمًا بأنك تحمل قطعة من قلب أحبائك معك في كل الأوقات. مصنوعة يدويًا بعناية وقابل للتعديل لملاءمة مثالية. is totwoo's only official website, and all totwoo products are patented. We have recently identified some spam websites using our product pictures and information to sell fake totwoo products at deeply reduced prices and not shipping products at all. Please be careful of fraud on those stores.

Water Resistance: Waterproof
Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
Compatibility: IOS & Android system
Materials: 316L stainless steel; ; Black Agate;White Howlite;
Size: Moon Bracelet Inner Circumference: 5.71"-9.06" (145mm-230mm);
USB Charger: 3-7 days according to your usage.

Shipping to US: Orders from the US will be shipped from California (Partial products excluded).

USPS : Free (3 - 7 business days)

UPS Ground:$9.9( 2 - 5 business days)

Shipping to other countries:

Standard Shipping: Free (15-20 business days)

Express Shipping:$6.9/$9.9 under $49; Free or $4.9 Over $49(8-12 business days)

Fast Shipping: $29.9/$39.9(3-7 business days)

Notes: 1.We didn't ship to Russia, India, Ukraine, Iraq and Brazil at present.

2.Please add your address in English.

3.Military address not available.

Return Policy:

In the absence of technical defects and quality problems of the product, our return policy lasts 30 days.

If you need to exchange it for the same item, please email us at

TOTWOO means''TO-TWO-O'' which refers to love and connection. totwoo is the leader of smart jewelry brand in the world which has already won over 10 innovative awards since it launched in Milan, 2015. We are a passionate team who are building smart jewelry that helps people stay connected with their loved ones. 

Deeply Connected More Than Ever

Create and Share a Unique Connection

totwoo allows the bracelet to flash and buzz on your preference. The light and vibration intensity are adjustable. Feel your partner’s love and touch on your wrist, always at the ready.

A Special Place for Your Love

totwoo bracelets create an intimate and private space for you and your special someone. Not only will the lights and reminders help you feel connected, but you’ll also have a place to express your love through pictures, videos, audio, and text on totwoo App. Once your partner touches the jewelry, a surprise message will pop up accompanied by the jewelry’s vibration and light up. You can even chat with your loved one on totwoo App.

Never Miss a Call from a Loved One

Your totwoo bracelet reminds you of every incoming call from your loved ones. Add up to 3 important contacts in the totwoo App and the bracelet will alert you of an incoming call with a gentle flash or vibration.

Keep the Special Days in Your Heart

With your totwoo bracelet, you’ll be able to share all the special days and loving moments with your partner — even if you’re worlds apart. The totwoo App can record the important days you share, and even let you know with flashes and vibrations when a special day arrives. A subtle reminder that you love each other is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or shared memory.

New Feature: Sending I LOVE YOU Signal

With our latest update, a longer press releases a "I love you" signal.
Also you can check totwoo's connection status in real-time. Touch your totwoo, if the light stays on, you're good to go-connected!


totwoo's another masterpiece in the leading smart jewelry industry with an advanced self-developed nb16 smart chip.



Waterproof protection for life usage, but kindly take off when showering.



Charge 60 min for 3-7 days without recharging to ensure you stay in touch all the time.



Recycling in packaging: One gift bag; Two gift boxes and a gift card.

What's Included

Packaging & accessories:
Set for Two: Smart Jewelry * 2, User Manual*1, USB Charger *2;Gift Card*1


Yes, you do. To send and receive touch messages, you'll need to download the totwoo app on your Android or iOS smartphone and connect the bracelet/necklace to your phone via Bluetooth (your partner will also need to do this). Additionally, both of your phones should maintain an internet connection.

Watch the video for instruction on set up your touch bracelets.

Yes. 1. place an order with one pair of jewelry with one recipient's address.

2. you need to pay extra shipping fee for the other address, place shipping fee from Extra Shipping Fee with order note of the product details like color, size, style, etc( for example, rose gold moon), phone number and address for this recipient.

Yes. As long as the totwoo smart jewelry is correctly set up within the app with either WIFI or mobile connection, you can connect with each other. No matter how far away you are.

We're sorry, our jewelry didn’t support to connect many pieces of jewelry together at present. But you can unpair them and then connect with another one.

No. But one piece of the jewelry must be present together with your phone when pairing.

Sorry, this bracelets set can't DIY with any accessories.

No, we don't charge any monthly fee.

Blue light stays on, you're connected! If blue light blinks a few times, it means the connection took a break. No worries! Reconnect your bluetooth and keep spreading the love.

To send love signal successfully, touch the bracelet to make it flash a blue light, and touch again before the light goes off to flash white lights.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Pam Lauderdale

This is the absolute best purchase I've ever made!!! My sister is my best friend and we live way too far apart now. This keeps us together!!!!

Sarah Farmer

I love it. Got it for. My cousin and I she lives in South Carolina I live in Kansas it's perfect

Heather Scott
Mixed feelings

I love the concept of the bracelets, they just don’t work as well as I hoped. We have found that they are super sensitive. They will flip over and go off. She also works in health care, so touches against someone else’s skin will set it off. They also seem to put a major drain on the battery. All in all, ended up being a chunk of money to not work as well as I hoped.

Jaimie Willis

Moon&Moon Touch Bracelets with Matching Beads

Lynette Morgan

Very happy with the quality of product

أساور مطرز متطابقة ذكية من صن آند مون