Pricing and Taxes

Scams and Fake Websites Alert
PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT Totwoo Smart Jewelry does not and will not allow
any third party account(s) either through individuals nor companies to sell below $80 for a pair. Any company claiming to sell below this price is fake & a scam. Please do not purchase anything from them. We have gotten a few reports of these fake websites & we are doing our best to take them all down.
PLEASE ALSO BE ADVISED THAT, Circle and Luck Company, LLC is our authorized & licensed distributor for Totwoo Global on Tiktok.
Totwoo can withdraw Products from the Totwoo Global Store at any time and for any reason. Prices listed through the Totwoo Store are stated in U.S. dollars, and do not include any handling charges or taxes, You agree to indemnify and hold Totwoo harmless from and against any liabilities, interest, penalties or fees assessed against Totwoo arising from your failure to pay any such taxes. All Product prices are subject to change at any time.
Our store are using Delivered at place (DAP). Also called delivered duty unpaid (DDU). This term indicates that Totwoo is only responsible for shipping the product, and that the customer is responsible for paying any import costs to the shipping carrier, such as VAT, duties and clearing fees, upon delivery. Some shipping carriers charge additional fees for collecting duties upon delivery if the duties haven't been paid up front.