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Product Care & Charging

It's most likely because the voltage of your power adapter doesn't match that of the totwoo charger. The voltage output of the totwoo charger is standard 5V, which is compatible with most mobile phones. However, it cannot be adapted to OUTPUT above 5V (which can be found on your power adapter). Please use your phone charger's adapter to charge the totwoo whenever possible. Alternatively, you can charge the totwoo with your computer. If you still can't charge it, please contact customer service for assistance.

A: 1. If silver and gold are used, it's natural for silver to oxidize and gold to fade over time. Each mark left by the wearer on jewelry is a symbol of unique memory. Don't stress over preventing from wear and tear, simply be careful with your jewelry is enough.
2. Avoid direct contact between your jewelry and chemical substances. Store it carefully, preferably put the jewelry in its original packaging, and protect it from scratches.
3. If there are fingerprints and dust on the surface of the stone/metal, simply use a cleaning cloth or tissue to wipe them off.
4. Do not wear your jewelry while sleeping, bathing, or doing strenuous exercise as it can cause different degrees of damage to the plating.
5. Bumps and sudden temperature changes can cause the setting to become loose. Remember to prevent the jewelry from heavy pressure and high temperatures during daily wear, otherwise, the parts may come loose.

The totwoo smart chip inside the accessory has passed the waterproof test (with a waterproof rating of IPX5). Therefore, getting the jewelry wet in daily life does not affect the use of the smart chip. However, to keep the jewelry with good apparence in the long run, we do not recommend to submerge it in water. Keeping the jewelry dry is beneficial for maintenance. If the jewelry gets wet in daily life, it should be dried promptly. Preferably avoid wearing your jewelry while swimming or bathing.

Depending on how frequently you use it. The products should last 48-72 hours before needing to be charged.

Charging time: Around 1 hour to fully charge.

Try restarting the jewelry with the following steps: "Long press the front panel of the jewelry for about 30 seconds until the jewelry displays red, green, and blue lights alternately flashing, indicating a successful restart." After restarting, reconnect the jewelry, and the battery level should be displayed normally. If it still doesn't show, please contact customer service for assistance.

Yes, totwoo jewelry is made of 316L stainless steel, which is baby-grade. You can wear it with confidence.

Totwoo contains a lithium battery, so its maintenance is similar to other wearable devices such as smartwatches. The battery has a lifespan, and to extend it, you'd better charge it about once a month. Additionally, remember to use ONLY the official charger for charging.

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