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Totwoo Meet FAQs

Check here for instruction on MEET ring.

A: (1) Please check whether it is The inner chip of totwoo uses RFID wireless technology, which is read by an external reader to identify the content, no battery power is required, so there is no radiation, please feel free to wear it.

The ring and its inner chip are waterproof for daily use and washing hands and bathing will not affect the function and damage the internal chip, To give your totwoo jewelry the best protection, it is better to keep it away from water.

Unnecessary. He only needs to turn on the NFC on the phone to read your totwoo. However the phone screen must be on, the network is working and without camera open.

This is because your phone does not have NFC function, or has NFC function but the switch is not turned on. Please check it carefully. If you are not sure whether your phone has NFC function or not you can contact the phone manufacturer to confirm.

No. If you want to bind your totwoo to another mobile phone, you must first open totwoo APP on the bound phone, unbind it in [ME - Manage My totwoo], and then open totwoo APP on another phone to complete the binding according to the instructions.

If you want to view or let others view the content you have stored in totwoo, you don't need to open the totwoo app. Just ensure that NFC is turned on and your phone is connected to the internet, and put your totwoo against the NFC sensor area of your phone for 1-3 seconds. Tap the link that pops up, you will see the content you have stored.

Yes. Just open the bound APP and delete them. After being deleted, Even if someone taps your lost totwoo jewelry to their phone, they won't be able to access any content.

Yes. You can continue to use it. After logging out, you can't edit and save the content, but the content in totwoo can still be read by any phone with NFC function.

If you don't want the content in totwoo to be accessed, you can set an access password when saving the content. When a mobile phone with NFC read your totwoo, people need to enter the password first before they can view it.

For jewelry, with time, scratches and oxidation of some metals such as silver are unavoidable. The marks left on the jewelry by each wearer are special memories belonging to the individual, so please treat your jewelry with more love and protection.

totwoo meet FAQs