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Customer Questions & Answers

1 .Question:How do you send or receive messages on your bracelets?


Please refer to this link:  to set up.

- Your totwoo has enough power.

- Your phone's Bluetooth is connected and it's either connected to the WIFI or the cellular network.

- The app is running in the background of your phone.

-Jewelry and mobile phones need to be kept within 3 meters.

  1. Question:When invite your partner on app homepage, it shows "Your friend is not totwoo member".


Both parties need to successfully registered and log in totwoo account, then:                                                    

(1).Please check whether the phone number is the same as register phone number.                    

(2).Before invite, place your partner's phone number in form of "+country code phone number" in your contact . For the name, it can only contain letters.   

If follows the above, still not work, please send your partner's phone number to us. We will check if he/she registered successfully.   

  1. Question:Can't receive the code when register a totwoo account.


please get code by this link:                 
 The number after "=" should be country code and phone number.  (The code should be four number.)             

  1. Question:When charging, can the jewelry receive the messages and flash/vibrate?


Yes, if the jewelry can’t flash or vibrate when charging, bracelet and mobile phone needs to be kept within 3 meters, check if the bracelet and the app are connected. The bracelet will only flash and vibrate when it is connected.

  1. Question:I just receive my bracelet, and can’t connect my bracelet with app.

Answer:  Please refer to this link: to set up.

If still can’t solve, please take a small video to show us the issue. 

  1. Question:The bracelet is connected at first,but now can not connect. How to solve it?


(1) Please check whether the Bluetooth is turned off, tap the jewelry to check whether it is powered up, and whether the jewelry is connected to other mobile phones.

(2) After confirming that all of the above are OK, please try the following methods one by one.

-Turn off the Bluetooth system and turn it back on after 10 seconds

-Close the app and re-open it.

-Restart the phone and re-open the app.

(3) If you follow the above steps, it still cannot be reconnected, then go to Me- manage my totwoo - click the jewelry pattern -unbind the totwoo, and reconnect the jewelry after unbind. (Important operation reminder: when the iPhone is unconnected, you must go to the Bluetooth interface to ignore the connected jewelry).

  1. Question:The bracelet is connected before, but the reconnection fails after unbind the bracelet.


(1) If it is an iPhone: After disconnecting the bracelet, ignore the connected device (name like TWO75) in the system [Settings] - [Bluetooth] - [My Devices].

(2) If it is an Android phone: Please check if there is a device name starting with TWO in the system [Settings] - [Bluetooth] - [Paired Devices] list, if there is, please make sure to click to cancel the pairing.

(3) After confirming that all of the above are OK, you can try the following methods one by one to see if you can reconnect.

-Turn off the Bluetooth system and turn it back on after 10 seconds

Close the app and re-open it.

-Restart the phone and re-open the app.

  1. Question:When touch your bracelet, your partner can only receive messages on app, not through the bracelet. How to solve it?

Answer: please update your app to the new vision. And try again.

  1. Question:Why does the jewelry receive the message only when app is open? If app running in the background or phone is black screen, no notification on the bracelet.


(1) please update your app to the new vision

(2) Please check whether totwoo notification is opened and background application refresh permission are enabled, and whether jewelry and App are connected.

(3) If you have confirmed that all the above is all right, please confirm whether there is words "I miss you" in the notification content. If there are no relevant words, clear all the notifications received by the notification center and try to send them again.

  1. Question:After working for 2 days, the bracelet can't charge, can't turn on and can't pair.

Answer: Please change a new battery for the light-up style.                               

  Please charge it for the vibration style.                                            

  Follow the above reconnection step and pair again. If still not work, please contact our customer service.

  1. Question:App crashes continuously, network error shows.


Please check whether the net condition is good.

Please confirm WLAN or Cellular has been turned on. If yes, please exchange them and try again. If still doesn't work, please contact customer service

  1. Question:Can one bracelet be connected by several phones?


One phone can only connect with one bracelet once.

If you need connect the other one, you need to forget the bluetooth of first bracelet. 

  1. Question:The connection is unstable, the touching is not recorded by app.

Answer: Please try again in good Network environment.

  1. Question:When you don't touch it, why the jewelry can randomly flash/vibrate when you don't touch it?


1) Check whether the other's clothes touched by mistake.            

2) When flash/vibrate itself, does the jewelry and phone still keep connection? If yes, please confirm if new message is received in the page "Love Record". If there is new record,  please check if will exist under good Network environment.                     

 3) Try disconnecting the jewelry and app. Check if the flash/vibration still exists without touching it.                   

If check the above all, it still flashes/vibrates, please contact customer service to solve it.  

  1. Question: Can't download totwoo app.

Answer: Please go to App store to search "totwoo" and download it.

  1. Question:Can't charge.

Answer: Please check if the adaptor output is DC5V-1A or DV5V-2A. If not, please change the adaptor and have a try. If no this kind of adaptor, please plug the charger in the computer or use lower-voltage adaptor to charge again.  If still doesn't work, please send to customer service.

  1. Question:Is the jewelry waterproof?

Answer: It can only proof a little water when washing face, but not work when shower or swim.

  1. Question:Jewelry doesn't flash or vibrate.


1) Check if the jewelry has power. If not, please change battery or charge it.                                       

2)Check if it can charge successfully. 

3)Check if the jewelry can connect app and pair.     

  1. Question:Why does the vibration styles only flash, can't vibrate?

Answer: Please contact customer service directly.

Customer Questions & Answers