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Smart, Beautiful and Expensive, Luxury Wearable Jewellery Brand Introduces Clover

We recently wrote about how Totwoo, a wearable tech jewellery brand, collaborated with 360Fashion on a maker kit. Wanting to know more about the Chinese brand that launched in Milan in 2016, we decided to check out some of their smart jewellery, up close and personal. We decided that their collections were simply too gorgeous to not be styled by the WearableTechStylist.

Before we share some styling tips, let’s talk tech first. Totwoo smart jewellery has several functions which include automatically calculating your daily walk and consumed calories, UV monitoring, a reminder if you have been inactive for a certain period, a “shining” mode that makes your jewellery bling and the ability to pair up your Totwoo with that someone so messages can be sent by simply tapping the jewellery. “Totwoo is not only a pedometer, calorie consumption calculator, sedentary reminder and call reminder. The spirit of Totwoo is to express the traditional meaning of jewellery, such as love, fortune, memory, wish,  by a future technology way”, states their site.

The newest collection is the Smart Clover. Featuring a gold and silver pendant, the high-end jewellery has been designed on the concept of “memory”.  This means that the wearer can store precious memories like photos, audio and video clip into the jewellery using the Totwoo app. Also, Totwoo comes in its very own jewellery box with a mirror that doubles as a charger. Place your pendant in its box and plug into a USB outlet to start charging. Your Totwoo will blink red while charging. And it should take 1 hour to charge with the light off fully. The box does have its battery that should last in a month without needing to plug it in. A fully charged box can charge the jewellery about 20 times, and it can even provide around 15% emergency charging for a mobile phone.

Design wise, each piece took 45 days to be finished. Inspired by clover leaves, the collection bragged handmade craftsmanship with all 75 clover leaves made of handcrafted decoration. We have styled the luxury gold clover jewellery, priced $3,870.00, with a white Elie Saab jumpsuit, gold Gianvitto Rossi sandals, and a Chloe shoulder bag.  For those of you who are more silver than gold, you can grab the silver clover smart pendant for $826.00. Shop now.

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Smart, Beautiful and Expensive, Luxury Wearable Jewellery