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Chinese Company Totwoo Unveils Love Bloom Smart Necklace in the U.S. Market

Chinese Company Totwoo Unveils Love Bloom Smart Necklace in the U.S. Market

In this age of smart devices, along with smartwatches and smart clothes, jewelries are becoming smart as well. The small decorative items that once adorned your body to reflect style and sentiment can now track your activity or help you get a good night’s sleep. This week, Chinese company Totwoo announced its smart and stylish pendant “Love Bloom.”

During the launching event, Totwoo showcased Love Bloom along with nearly 50 other of its smart jewelries. The ceremony, hosted by Bazaar Jewelry, was attended by more than 500 guests from fashion and technology industries. Mats Wang, Founder and CEO of Totwoo said his company is committed to connecting people through wearable tech and making jewelry express emotions through technology.

“Smart jewelry like TOTWOO differ from other consumer electronic wearables because they focus on emotions. They are highly anticipated by the fashion circle and will trigger the next revolution of jewelry,” said Jenny Jing, Executive Editor-in-Chief of Bazaar Jewelry.

Marco Dal Maso, co-founder of TOTWOO designed the Love Bloom. Dal Maso is an Italy-based jewelry designer that comes from a long line of artisans. With its concept of “jewelry with a beating heart,” Totwoo is trying to introduce a fresh dynamic to the jewelry industry.

Chinese Company Totwoo Unveils Love Bloom Smart Necklace in the U.S. Market

The Love Bloom collection is an aspiring story for women. This impressive piece of statement jewelry consists of nine drop-shaped Swarovski crystals and a flower core that is made with gold foil. Underneath it lies Totwoo’s newest 5mm-thick and waterproof smart core TOTWOO INSIDE 2.0.

When connecting devices through the Totwoo App, Bluetooth-paired users can share virtual emotions from jewelry using flash and vibration. Love Bloom boasts thirteen personal care features including a hands-free smart camera that’s triggered by tapping; and a custom reminder to set personal prompts.

In addition to activity tracking, Totwoo also features inactivity reminders and a shine mode, which causes the pendant to flash continuously. The app delivers your daily horoscope and the pendant vibrates when it’s your lucky day according to the stars.

Having a tough time reaching a decision? Tap your Love Bloom and it will choose “yes” or “no” for you, just like flipping a coin. The necklace can also act as a remote camera shutter triggering your phone to take a photo.

The necklace is waterproof and comes with an adjustable chain. Totwoo Love Bloom retails for $299 USD and is available online.

“Totwoo is willing to share the smart core technology to facilitate more designers to create more future jewelry,” said Wang.

Chinese Company Totwoo Unveils Love Bloom Smart Necklace in the U.S. Market

About Totwoo

Totwoo was founded in 2015 in Beijing, China. The company’s smart jewelry has won many international awards in the fields of fashion and technology. Currently, Totwoo is the world’s most fashionable and feature-rich smart jewelry brand that has been mass produced.

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Chinese Company Totwoo Unveils Love Bloom Smart Necklace