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Stop Parenting Your Partner: Why You Should Stop and How to Do It

It is not uncommon for partners to become overly involved in each other's lives and fall into the trap of "parenting" their significant other. Parenting in a romantic relationship can be defined as treating your partner like a child, making decisions for them, and taking control over their life. This type of behavior can damage the relationship in many ways. It is important to realize that your partner is an adult who is capable of making their own decisions and deserves to be treated as an equal in the relationship. In this post, we will explore four reasons why you should stop parenting your partner and three ways to do it.

Why You Should Stop Parenting Your Partner

It is disrespectful and can harm the relationship

Treating your partner like a child can be highly disrespectful and can cause resentment in the relationship. Your partner may feel belittled, unappreciated, and devalued when you make decisions for them or control their life. You are essentially communicating that you do not trust your partner to make their own decisions or that they are not capable of doing so. This can erode the trust in your relationship and cause your partner to feel like they are not respected or valued.

It creates an unequal power dynamic.

When one partner becomes overly involved in the other's life, it can create an imbalance of power in the relationship. The parent-like partner may feel like they are in control and have more power in the relationship. In contrast, the child-like partner may feel powerless, unimportant, and undervalued. This dynamic can cause tension and conflict in the relationship and can be damaging to both partners.

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It can prevent your partner's personal growth.

Parenting your partner can unintentionally prevent them from developing important life skills and making their own decisions. Your partner may become overly dependent on you for guidance and decision making, leading to a lack of personal growth and development. Additionally, this behavior can discourage your partner from taking risks and exploring new experiences because they may feel like they are not capable of doing so without your guidance.

It is not sustainable.

Parenting your partner is not a sustainable way to maintain a healthy relationship. Over time, your partner will likely grow tired of being treated like a child and will begin to push back against your control. This can lead to arguments, resentment, and even the breakdown of the relationship.

How to Stop Parenting Your Partner

Trust your partner and encourage independence.

One of the most important ways to stop parenting your partner is to trust them and encourage independence. Trust that your partner is capable of making their own decisions and handling their own problems. When your partner shares a problem with you, instead of immediately jumping in to solve it for them, ask them what they think they should do or what steps they have already taken. Encourage them to take the lead in decision making, and offer support and guidance when needed.


Communicate openly and honestly.

If you have been parenting your partner for a while, it may be challenging for them to adjust to a more equal dynamic. It is essential to communicate openly and honestly with your partner about your desire to change the way you interact with them. Let them know that you respect and trust them and that you want to work towards a more balanced relationship. Communicate that you want to hear their thoughts and opinions and that you value their input.

Focus on your own growth and development.

If you have been parenting your partner, it is possible that you have been neglecting your own needs and desires. Focusing on your own growth and development can help shift the power dynamic in the relationship and create a more equal partnership. Pursue your own interests, make your own decisions, and seek support

In conclusion, parenting your partner can have negative effects on your relationship, including creating an unequal power dynamic, stifling personal growth, and ultimately being unsustainable. By trusting your partner, communicating openly and honestly, and focusing on your own personal growth, you can create a more equal and fulfilling partnership. Remember, a healthy relationship is one based on mutual respect and support, not control and parenting.

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Stop Parenting Your Partner: Why You Should Stop