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Real Love or Fake Love: Some Signs of A Healthy Relationship

In our daily life, we may hear lots of healthy relationship quotes. For example, you should be kindful to your partner or don’t be mad at him/her for no reason. However, the situation may be different when we are really in a relationship. We may feel confused and wonder if we did the right thing. Don’t worry. It’s normal to be confused. This means you care about your partner. But we still need to know what a healthy relationship is to protect ourselves.

1. Feel positive all the time

Happiness always existed in relationships. However, there is a kind of people who always talk about negative things, conveying negative emotions. You can comfort him/her once or twice. But you can't be his emotional trash can all the time. Him/her depression will influence you as well. So, it is an important sign for a healthy relationship to be positive all the time. A good relationship will make you feel energetic and delightful.


2. Start having goals for school or career

In healthy relationships, it is normal to feel inferior and feel that you are not as good as your partner. But your other half should encourage you and make you a better person. A person with a muddled life may become purposeful and motivated because of the excellence of his/her other half. Only when two people make progress together in a relationship is a healthy relationship. On the contrary, if your partner is a pickup artist (pua), then this relationship is definitely not healthy. Not only will the other not encourage you, but they will suppress and belittle you. Once this happens, leave him/her immediately.

3. Truly trust the one you love 

Trust is essential in all relationships, but with social media and cell phones, snooping has become all too easy. But you don't have to do that in a healthy relationship. This is due, in part, to your partner demonstrating their trustworthiness.

I remember one of my friends fell in love with a playboy once, who always flirted with other girls. My friend knew he was a playboy so she was always suspicious about him. She kept asking him where he was and what he was doing. At last, both of them felt too tired in this relationship and they broke up quickly. So, trust is necessary for healthy relationships. 

4. Both sides are willing to communicate 

Fighting is an inevitable part of a relationship. Don't think that quarreling must mean that this relationship cannot be maintained. On the contrary, quarreling will make both of you vent your dissatisfaction, which is more conducive to the temperament of the two of you. But after the quarrel, both sides should actively communicate, and explain the reasons for the quarrel and how to improve it in the future. This is a healthy relationship.

5. Feel respected 

Respect is also an essential part of the signs of a healthy relationship. It's not as simple as just respecting the other person's preferences, although many people fail to do even that. There needs to be a sense of boundaries for two people in a gender relationship. The other person has to respect your privacy enough to not constantly challenge your boundaries under the banner of caring.

Back to the friend I mentioned above, although her ex was always flirting with other girls, my friend also did not respect his privacy. She always wanted to know what he and his friends talked about and read the chat logs. However, you should try to avoid such behaviors in a healthy relationship.


These are just a few of the more important signs of a healthy relationship that I have summarized. Of course, there are more signs of a healthy relationship than that. In general, a relationship is about as healthy as it can be when you feel that your whole being is positive and that both of you are making progress in the relationship. If you have other relationship questions, you can comment below. Thank you for reading this post. Hope all of you can have healthy relationships.

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Real Love or Fake Love: Some Signs of A Healthy Relationship