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Every Love Returns to Eternity

Every Love Returns to Eternity


He would complete her, and fulfill her.

The Sun is a god of sorts, worshiped by every beings in the world.He is brave and powerful, illuminating all things in the world with his light. His energy bestows the cycle of life on grass and trees, singing the most beautiful hymn in the ordinary flow of time.The sun’s gaze is delicate and cold, like a stone. His features are strong, well-defined and masculine, but deep inside there is a tenderness that no one can see except the moon.

The moon is the opposite, as she is seen as a darkness.When the moon appears, the world falls into a deep slumber. People cuddle in their homes, raise their glasses singing, and build their own little world while the moon is variant.She is lonely, cold, and she longs to be seen, with a breath of fresh air in the midnight sky. Her wants, her loves and her desires are to be heard.

Every Love Returns to Eternity 

Could it be that we are always attracted to the exact opposite of ourselves?

The sun has a secret: he adores the moon.They are the opposite souls, the sun and the moon. They are lovers who rarely meet and always long for each other.

However, they both patiently wait for the rare days when they may live together in peace. This love shines so brightly in the midnight darkness that not even the stars can compare with its light. A love between two souls, bound together by the fabric of the universe.

True love exists for the sacrifice by our loved ones, even we are a world apart.The sun gets to know what to do next, in order to protect the fragile buds of their love. He sacrifices his light to shine on the moon every night so that she can see her beauty. He gives up something he is admired for, just to let her shine. She struggles to capture his sunlight and their love is unmatched by any other pair.

In that moment, the moon and the sun share the sky. Every spark returns to darkness, and every love returns to eternity.


Every Love Returns to Eternity


“My heart is and always will be yours.” Jane Austen 

Totwoo has been following the design concept based on beautiful emotions and hopes to highlight the beautiful love story between the sun and the moon through the Sun & Moon series products.

At Totwoo, we hope everyone could have the strongest relationship as sun and moon with family, friends and loved ones. It is gratifying to accompany so many couples family and friends through the process of long distance. Hope to be witness to more and more love. Let your misses ‘touch’ to your loved ones who are out of states through the Always Sun & Moon Smart Bracelets from Totwoo.


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Every Love Returns to Eternity