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The birth of totwoo Meet Ring

We used to wonder:

"What if we want to introduce a new way of social interaction...?"

"What if there will be a smart jewelry that could represent itself...?"

On October 19, 2022, totwoo launched the world’s first smart social ring and transformed the inherent social mode into a more ritualistic one. At the same time, our company wants to convey to the world that “MEET is a surprise”.

The birth of totwoo Meet Ring

Why do we want to make smart rings?

As the world’s leading smart jewelry company, we’ve always wanted to launch smart ring series due to the fact that ring wearers have high requirement on their rings. As opposed to a normal ring, a smart ring requires the right size, beautiful appearance and the most important interactive function. totwoo wanted to make a smart ring that brings out the best of all three features.

The origin of the Meet Ring smart ring idea

Since the birth of the seal ring over 3,000 years ago, one of the main functions has been to represent social status and position. From this perspective, we wanted the ring to fulfill the idea of expressing and representing oneself.
To accomplish this concept, we need to apply NFC technology in the smart ring. For everyone, it requires NFC technology to open the door or take the subway as NFC technology has been gradually accepted by the market. In this scenario, we began to turn the concept into reality.

 The birth of totwoo Meet Ring

The conquered difficulties from imagination to reality

We found that metal has a great impact on the signal shielding and resulted in signal absorption. In this case, phones can not read data from the metal. As a leader in this industry, after 18 months of R&D time, we made our own structure on top of the metal to ensure that the shielding and absorption of the signal by the metal was overcome on the basis of proper size and beautiful appearance.

The origin of the Meet Ring naming

We named totwoo’s social ring Meet Ring. When you meet anyone, you can share anything you want with them, including your personal information, social account, a picture of you and even a song. Although the user wears only a small ring on their hand, the ring represents the user themselves. We want to open up a new way of socializing, which represents who you want to be in a brand new way.
Similar to the old seal ring, when you “touch” someone’s phone with the Meet Ring badge, you’re also passing yourself on. We’ve brought back the old ways with new technology. This is a new collection compared to what totwoo brand has already launched, where the user was already in a relationship, such as a couple, family or friends. However the Meet Ring doesn’t want to define the relationship between people, as we want to highlight the act of meeting and make that interaction more diversified.


The birth of totwoo Meet Ring

The original idea of Greek Coin design

The Greek Ancient Gods Statue is the first model to be introduced in the Meet Ring. We chose 4 representatives of the ancient Greek gods for this vintage style ring design. The four Greek gods are Mercury, Aphrodite, Zeus and Athena respectively, which represents Wealth, Love, Career and Wisdom. While wearing these rings, hopefully our users can acquire wisdom, love, career and money while socializing.

The birth of totwoo Meet Ring


Meet Ring - totwoo's new smart ring

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The birth of totwoo Meet Ring