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Since its founding in Milan, Italy, on 19 October 2015, totwoo has been a leader in the smart jewelry industry. We bring innovative technology to traditional jewelry making. Each jewelry we make is designed to make its wearer feel emotionally connected. ‘twoo’ is an invention in which we take great pride. Once two wearers have made a connection on our totwoo app, one can tap their totwoo and the other can receive an instant message.

Our first collection is called ‘We Bloom’. It marked the first time that smart jewelry was made in precious metals, while retaining a classic design. The launch of ‘We Bloom’ proved to be a huge success. The year 2015 saw totwoo receive extensive media coverage both in Italy and China. totwoo smart jewelry was praised as the Apple Watch in the jewelry field.


In 2016, we launched the ‘We Bold’ collection, exploring smart jewelry for the contemporary man. Founder Mats Wang was listed among Fast Company’s ‘100 Most Creative People in Business’.


Mats Wang - founder of totwoo  


   totwoo - We Bold

In 2017, we launched the ‘Time Memory’ collection in London. Designed to preserve all the precious memories of the wearer, ‘Time Memory’ was made by our skilled master jewelers using the Chinese intangible craft – Filigree Inlay.

                                                    totwoo - time memory

In 2018, we launched the ‘Smart Love Angel’ collection in New York. The ‘Smart Love Angel’ became the world's first smart jewelry with a single mass production of 100,000 pieces. We also introduced the first Augmented Reality (AR) jewelry.

 totwoo - Smart Love Angel

In 2019, we launched the ‘Lucky Clover’ collection at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. The design was a combination of the contemporary aesthetics with the Chinese intangible craft Filigree Inlay. Every piece was exquisitely handcrafted by our skilled master jewelers over a period of two monthsIn April 2019, we launched the ‘Wonderland’ collection in Hong Kong, paying tribute to the thousand-year stained glass history in Venice.

                                            totwoo - Lucky Clover  

totwoo - Wonderland

In January 2020, we launched the world's first smart jewelry with IoT (Internet of Things), called ‘Safety Apple’. The jewelry aims to combat assaults on women, by notifying emergency contacts when the wearer feels in danger. In August 2020, we launched the world's smallest smart jewelry, called ‘Always’.

   totwoo - Safety Apple

In 2021, all of our products were officially available online worldwide. The ‘Always’ collection became one of the most popular couple bracelets in the US.

 totwoo - Always Sun&Moon

In 2022, our smart couple bracelets were sold in 36 countries, with the ‘Always’ collection selling over 200,000 pairs in one year. We also launched Always 2.0. Our first smart ring ‘Meet’ will soon be launched.

 totwoo - NEW Always Sun&Moon

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