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Earlier this evening the Biblioteca della Moda in Milan provided the ideal backdrop for the world preview of the jewellery brand totwoo, the first high-end jewel combining wearable technology, mobile communication, and fashion design. Totwoo smart jewels use an innovative APP – that the users can download on their mobile phones (iOS and Android) – enabling the connection with similar jewels.

Italian design meets Chinese technology and venture capital: Wang Jieming, a famous mobile Internet entrepreneur in China and owner of the brand and Marco Dal Maso, an Italian jewelry designer from Vicenza, are the talents behind this enterprise. The Milan presentation previews the launch of the product on the Chinese market which is due on October 26th in Beijing.

The Biblioteca della Moda hosted the workshop “Wear a Beautiful Mind: the Tomorrow of Fashion with Wearable Technology”, to witness the Birth of totwoothe jewelry with “a mind of its own” and to highlight the creative partnership between Italy and China.

The impact of the project, which will set a new paradigm in both jewellery and wearable technology industry, was discussed in the workshop by Mr. Wang Jielming and Mr. Dal Maso together with distinguished speakers from the media and the academic world.

Milan, the City of Fashion, is the first launch place, to highlight that totwoo is first of all a fashion product, a jewel with a special gene of smart technology and social communication. It also underpins the fact that totwoo looks at global markets from the very beginning.

“totwoo” means “to–‐two–‐o”

Since Google glasses brought in a new concept of wearable devices, sports bracelets and smart watches have become popular, making the wearable device sector one of the most innovative hi–‐tech industry in the world: some notable examples are Apple and Hermes that have jointly launched an exclusive iWatch and Intel that presented their smart jewelry concept, pioneering the new category of the “smart jewelry”.

The product is conceived to become much more than one of the high-tech aficionados’ favorite, it is actually imagined as the season’s new must-have, so be the first to experience the first collection of totwoo!

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