Totwoo & 360Fashion Network Launch 360 Fash Tech Kit, Helps Designers Make Smart Jewelry


The problem with some of our wearables is the fact that sometimes they stand out and not necessarily in a good way. An example would be Google Glass which looks so futuristic and while it’s not a bad design, it’s hard to be worn daily as society hasn’t really come around to accepting that look.

Totwoo & 360Fashion Network Launch 360 Fash Tech Kit

This is why there are some who are creating everyday fashion products that blend in but have smarts as well. This is something that China-based smart jewelry maker Totwoo is hoping to achieve and to spread their message, the company has launched what they’re calling the “Totwoo Love” 360 Fash Tech Kit in collaboration with Anina Net, founder of the 360Fashion Network.  

This is a developer kit that they created that enables fashion jewelry designers to create smart jewelry pieces using Totwoo’s technology. According to Anina Net,  “Empowering fashion designers with solid technology is the mission of 360Fashion Network. This kit allows creatives to focus on design and integration as their first step into fashion tech. We also find that our kits attract and empower more women to experiment with technology.”

Totwoo & 360Fashion Network Launch 360 Fash Tech Kit

The good news is that if you were hoping to get your hands on the kit, Totwoo will be launching it and making it available in the US via Queen of RAW where it will be sold online via its website.

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