Always Sun Smart Bracelets for Friends Set for Two
Always Sun Smart Bracelets for Friends Set for Two
Always Sun Smart Bracelets for Friends Set for Two
Always Sun Smart Bracelets for Friends Set for Two
Always Sun Smart Bracelets for Friends Set for Two
ALWAYS-SUN&MOON Smart Couples Bracelets ( Various Colors) Totwoo Fashion Smart Jewelry

Always Sun Smart Bracelets for Friends Set for Two

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Whether you are miles apart or side by side, touch the bracelet, the other bracelet will light up allowing then to know you are thinking of him/her.

After Wearing it on the wrist, I promise no matter where we go, no matter what we do, I'll always be there for you, and everything will be OK! That's Our Pinky Promise! You can always remind your friends that they are always in your mind.
My heart is, and always will be yours. - Jane Austen(Engraved on the backside)

Notification: Our Always bracelets can only light up, click here to access the vibrating ones.  

More Functions
1.Send a love code 
Send miss or animated stickers to your partner, your partner’s jewelry will receive the message and flash the personalized color.

2. Private Love Space
Every interactive flash between two will be automatically recorded and ranked in totwoo. Also, you can create special day love reminders and the towoo jewelry will light up the customized color on that day.

3. Create Surprise Message
Store sweet picture, video, audio, and text in the jewelry to share it to your partner, your partner can touch the jewelry to see the precious memory.

    4.Call Reminders
    You can add add up to 3 important contacts in App. Each time you get a call from them, your totwoo jewelry will flash.

    5. DIY it with different types of bracelet or turn it into necklace
    This bracelet can also be used as a necklace and it's supported by our Always DIY Accessories. (Click and get a purchase)

    Unlock More

    Revolutionary Creativity of Traditional Jewelry
    >The world's smallest NB14 Smart Chip in smart jewelry industry.
    >Unique touch sensor system&Removable backside cover with spiral structure. 
    >Exterior design patent that combines jewelry craft and electronic technology.

    How does Totwoo work?
    To send and receive touch messages, you just need to download the Totwoo app on your Android or iOS smartphone. Make sure you have a stable internet connection (4g or Wifi)、 enable Bluetooth and keep your phone within 10 feet of your bracelet. Then, send a request to pair with your loved one’s Totwoo bracelet via the app to start sending touches! Quick Start Guide

    Water Resistance: Waterproof
    Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
    Compatibility: iOS & Android system
    Materials: Zircon, stainless steel, Leather Rope
    Size:  Adjustable:
    Sun Bracelet:5.9" - 7.7" (150mm - 195mm);
    Moon Bracelet:6.7" - 9.8" (170mm - 250mm);
    Battery Life: 15-30 days according to usage(CR1225 Button Batteries).

    Shipping to US: Orders from the US will be shipped from California (Partial products excluded).

    USPS : Free (3 - 7 business days)

    UPS Ground:$9.9( 2 - 5 business days)

    Shipping to other countries:

    Standard Shipping: $9.9 under $50; Free over $50(15-25 business days)     

    Express Shipping:Free Over $225;$29 under $225(8-15 business days)

    Notes: 1.We didn't ship to Russia, India, Ukraine, Iraq and Brazil at present.

    2.Please add your address in English.

    3.Military address not available.

    Return Policy:

    In the absence of technical defects and quality problems of the product, our return policy lasts 14 days.

    If you need to exchange it for the same item, please email us at

    TOTWOO means''TO-TWO-O'' which refers to love and connection. Totwoo is the leader of smart jewelry brand in the world which has already won over 10 innovative awards since it launched in Milan, 2015. We are a passionate team who are building smart jewelry that helps people stay connected with their loved ones. 

    What's Included

    Packaging & accessories:
    Single: Smart Jewelry * 1, User Manual*1,Button Battery * 3(CR1225)
    Set for Two: Smart Jewelry * 2, User Manual*2, Button Battery * 6(CR1225)


    Yes. For Always sun&moon collection products, place two different orders from Single Moon and Single Sun with different address.

    For others, 1. place an order with one pair of jewelry with one recipient's address.

    2. you need to pay extra shipping fee for the other address, place shipping fee from Extra Shipping Fee with order note of the product details like color, size,style,etc( for example, rose gold moon) for this recipient.

    Yes. As long as the Totwoo smart jewelry is correctly set up within the app with either WIFI or mobile connection, you can connect with each other. No matter how far away you are.

    We're sorry, our jewelry didn’t support to connect many pieces of jewelry together at present. But you can unpair them and then connect with another one.

    No. But one piece of the jewelry must be present together with your phone when pairing.

    All of the Always collection products marked are for one pair(two pieces of jewelry).

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Yadi Quiñones
    puppy love!

    Ordered these for my son and his gal pal. They're 16 yrs. old and only get to see each other once a week in person, this device gives them a connection that this generation needs during Covid19.

    Holly Pruitt
    An important addition to my life!

    Okay so this bracelet is super cool. My lover lives across state and I rarely get to see them so I brought this and hooked it up. It’s simple to set up the mobile app and after a while you get used to leaving the app running in the background. I haven’t had any issues with the bracelet.

    Claudia Brugnoni
    good healthy relationship!

    Please only be in a good healthy relationship if you’re interested in these!

    Moolawatie Persaud
    feel close to one of my partners!

    I actually really love these in terms of how they make me feel close to one of my partners who is in quarantine. We get to send little telegraph messages to each other which is fun.