The fashion tech company, 360FASHION NETWORK will host the TOTWOO Virtual Human Jewelry US Press Launch, 360Fashion & Tech ‘Future Jewelry Experience,’ on May 30th in New York City at the SAP NEXT-GEN SPACE, at HUDSON YARDS, Gotham’s new home for tech and business entrepreneurs.

The three-part launch will feature a (1) Totwoo Virtual Human Jewelry Product Demo, with a String Art Installation by 360Fashion Network’s CEO ANINA NET and Gen Art, a (2) ‘Future Jewellery Press Launch & Panel’ and an (3) SAP Next-Gen Entrepreneurs Mixer, featuring editors and influential leaders in fashion, business and tech, immediately following the panel.

Totwoo is designed by Marco Dal Maso, the Italian-based luxury jewelry designer, affirming the company mantra of ‘jewelry first, then wearables.’ Dal Maso’s artful drop-shaped crystals, gemstones, and precious metals add enhancement and aesthetic to the user experience.  Two connected users can share their ‘virtual emotions’ in real-time, by linking their devices through the Totwoo app.

Inside Totwoo’s ‘smart core 2.0,’ users benefit from advanced technologies including touch sensors,BLE technology and the same QI certified wireless charging technology as Apple. Totwoo is also in development of ‘Virtual Human Technology,’ which integrates AI and AR into the jewelry. As Wang describes, “The jewelry evokes special moments and memories of life, and our technology has just made this more accessible.

To date, the Totwoo collections “We Bloom,” “We Bold,” and “Time Memory,” have sold more than 10,000 units online.

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