Jewellery used to be a silent communicator signalling style and sentiment, but a new range of smart products are waking up our charms and equipping them with new capabilities. This week, Chinese company Totwoo announced its “Love Bloom,” a pendant that’s just as smart as it is stylish.

Each Love Bloom consists of nine drop-shaped Swarovski crystals and a flower core that is made with gold foil. Underneath is the Totwoo newest smart core, or the “beautiful mind” that brings the necklace to life. The Love Bloom interfaces with an app on the user’s smartphone and will deliver reminders to the wearer.

In addition to activity tracking, which is now industry standard in many smart gadgets, Totwoo also features inactivity reminders and a shine mode, which causes the pendant to flash continuously. The app will deliver your daily horoscope and the pendant will vibrate when it’s your lucky day according to the stars.

Have a tough decision to make? Tap your necklace and it will choose “yes” or “no” for you, like flipping a coin. The necklace can also act as a remote camera shutter triggering your phone to take a photo. The signature function of the Love Bloom is the Love Code feature, where two users can share their virtual emotions in real-time through the app, which causes the pendant to vibrate and light up.

“Love bloom” was inspired by the concept of a guardian angel, implying the jewellery will help watch over and even protect the wearer. The collection aims to support self-love and self-care through newly incorporated features such as reminders to “hydrate yourself” and “take a break.”

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