totwoo MEET Athena Greek Coin Smart Ring
totwoo MEET Athena Greek Coin Smart Ring
totwoo MEET Athena Greek Coin Smart Ring
totwoo MEET Athena Greek Coin Smart Ring
totwoo MEET Athena Greek Coin Smart Ring
totwoo MEET Athena Greek Coin Smart Ring
totwoo MEET Athena Greek Coin Smart Ring

totwoo MEET Athena Greek Coin Smart Ring

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     √ A true Engineering Breakthrough
    √ The most stylish wearable on the market
    √ The fastest way to share your info
    √ Introduce yourself in the coolest way

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TOTWOO means''TO-TWO-O'' which refers to love and connection. totwoo is the leader of smart jewelry brand in the world which has already won over 10 innovative awards since it launched in Milan, 2015. We are a passionate team who are building smart jewelry that helps people stay connected with their loved ones. 

Share your info by a tap

How can we share info easier and faster? That’s the question that led to the creation of totwoo MEET ring.

totoo MEET ring is created with patent structure and totwoo TN01 chip inside. Tap your totwoo to the back of any compatible smartphone to instantly share your contact info, social media, websites, videos, pictures and more.. The other person doesn't need an app or a totwoo MEET to receive your info! Its vintage Greek coin design makes it more unique and more stylish.

A true Engineering Breakthrough

The most stylish wearable device on the market combines totwoo's TN01 chip and patented structure in a classic Greek coin ring, breaking through the metal's shielding of wireless signals and giving the smart ring a new look.

The fastest way to share your info

Store your information in the totwoo MEET ring through the totwoo App, just tap MEET ring against the phone, your info will be shared to others. Share your contact info, social media account, a business card or more with totwoo MEET ring. (NoticeAnyone can use the totwoo Meet ring with a phone with NFC. Check here the Compatible devices.)

Handmade antique Greek coin design with Athena

The MEET ring is detailed with a masterful craftsmanship of Greek coin in antique brass.
Athena- God of Wisdom
Athena or Athene, often given the epithet Pallas, is an ancient Greek goddess associated with wisdom, warfare, and handicraft who was later syncretized with the Roman goddess Minerva. Athena was regarded as the patron and protectress of various cities across Greece, particularly the city of Athens, from which she most likely received her name.

Introduce yourself in the coolest way

Be a star at social occasions. Whether you're at a business meeting or a party, introduce yourself by simply tapping the other person's phone and your information will be shared to them in the coolest way. The others don't need to download an app on their phones.

Customize your sharing anytime through totwoo App

Achieve your personalized sharing needs. You can share pictures, videos or any customized content you want to share.

Do more with totwoo MEET ring

Combine iphone shortcuts and totwoo MEET ring, you can do much more with it, like with a tap to make a phone call, play music or send text messages automatically, etc.

Gift Package

The ring comes with gift wrapped in a beautiful elegant box and an introduction card about antique Greek Coin Jewelry.


Watch video for Instruction on MEET ring.

Yes. totwoo MEET is adjustable and completely waterproof.

MUST READ: Anyone can use a totwoo meet ring, no matter what phone you have! Even if you don't have a phone on this list, you can still activate and use your ring device.

Note: Some Androids are compatible but have NFC turned off in phone settings! So make sure your NFC enabled.

Check here the Compatible devices

On iPhones, the sweet spot for reading a MEET ring is on the very top of the back of the device.

- their phone is in airplane mode

- their device flashlight is on(Android devices excluded)

- their phone screen is off

- their camera is open 

No, it is not chargeable. No batteries needed.

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Customer Reviews

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Aryssa Mansfield

The ring came already hooked up to someone else's phone I guess since it says I can't connect it to mine because it's already bound to a phone. When I try to scan it like I would if I was meeting the person with the ring the page won't load so I can't find out who the ring is bound to. It also turned my finger green. It is cute and fits well but without the smart ring functionality it is not worth what I paid.

Sorry, this is a mistake in our work. We will send you a replacement for free. Please pay attention to the mailbox, our customer service will contact you in time.