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Quick Start Guide

Hey, thank you for choosing totwoo! Welcome aboard!

To use your brand new totwoo, you have to complete these steps:

App installation, bracelet connection, pair, etc.

Step 1-Place totwoo on the charger to activate it.

※ When totwoo is showing a red light, it is in the process of charging; when it shows a green light, it indicates that charging is complete.

The charging time is typically around 1 hour.

Step 2-Enable Bluetooth on your phone.

Step 3-Download the totwoo app from App Store or Google Play. 

Quick Start Guide   Quick Start Guide

You can aslo download it from the app store provided by your phone like Samsung Store or 
from our website

Step 4-Open the totwoo app and pair your totwoo to your phone, following the app's instructions.

Step 5-Touch your totwoo,and wait for the app to recognize your totwoo when it flashes after you touch it.

After the totwoo and the app are successfully connected, a pop-up window will appear on the app asking to pair the Bluetooth with the bracelet. Click "Pair" and "Allow" all notifications.(Only iPhone users need this; Android phone users do not.)

  Quick Start Guide     Quick Start Guide

Step 6-
Add your partner and make sure your partner's phone number is saved in your phone contacts

Note: The partner's name must be in normal text, and labels, symbols, and punctuation are prohibited, otherwise the addition will be unsuccessful.

Step 7-To ensure a stable connection between your totwoo and totwoo App, please follow the instructions in "ME-How to stay connected" of the app to complete all relevant permission settings.

※ If you're an IOS user,make sure you disable Airplane Mode,Low Power ModeDo Not Disturb,and enable Background App Refresh.

Quick Start Guide

Step 8-Start using your totwoo

The functionality of different totwoo product models varies,following the app's usage guidance.

Touch totwoo and if the "blue light is flashing rapidly," it signifies that the totwoo and app are currently in a disconnected state. Please reconnect the app and totwoo before resuming message sending.

To send "Thinking of you"- Touch totwoo to flash blue light, @ touch again before it goes off to flash white lights.

To send "Love you"- Touch totwoo to flash blue light, then long-press before it goes off till vibrating.(Some totwoo models do not support this feature.


A:(1) Please check first:
-Check if the SMS inbox has been intercepted by the system or other APP?
-Is the phone network and signal normal?
-Is the area code selection and phone number input correct?
-Is the phone disconnected due to overdue payment?

(2) What if I still can't receive it after checking?
-Don't worry, please contact the official customer service to send you a special verification code. Email address:

Why does totwoo jewelry continue to flash and vibrate with no reason?

A: (1) Please check whether it is caused by mis-touch (jewelry in the bag, clothes touch by mistake, etc.)

(2) Please check whether the app has received multiple notifications in succession. If it has, it may be caused by network delay. Please observe whether it will happen again while maintaining a good network connection.

(3)If you are using an iPhone, and after confirming all of the above, the jewelry still flashes and vibrates on its own, please upgrade the jewelry firmware to resolve the issue.

Click on 'ME-Manage My totwoo-Tap on totwoo firmware version number located on the right side of totwoo firmware update the ten times consecutively. This action will prompt the firmware update page, and you can follow the on-screen instructions (as shown in the image) to proceed with the update.

After confirming all of the above, if the jewelry continues to flash and vibrate on its own, please contact customer service for assistance.

A: Please make sure that the phone number they provided is the same one they used to register. Additionally, before sending the invitation, add your partner's phone number to your contacts in the format of '+[country/area code] [phone number]'or '00[country/area code] [phone number]', and then invite them again. Please note that the name field can only contain letters.

A: Yes. As long as the jewelry is properly connected to the phone via Bluetooth, it will light up and vibrate regardless of whether it is charging or not. If the jewelry can't flash or vibrate, please check the connection to ensure it is working properly.

A: (1) Please check if Bluetooth is turned off, tap the jewelry to check if it's powered on, and verify whether the jewelry is connected to any other mobile phones.

(2) After confirming that all of the above are OK, please try the following methods one by one:

-Turn off the Bluetooth system and turn it back on after 10 seconds

-Close the app and reopen it.

-Restart the phone and reopen the app

(3) If you follow the above steps, it still cannot be reconnected, then go to [Me] - [Manage my jewelry] - click the connected jewelry - [Unbind the totwoo], and reconnect the jewelry. (Important operation reminder: when unbinding from an iPhone, you must go to the Bluetooth interface to forget the connected jewelry.)

A: (1) If it's an iPhone: After disconnecting the jewelry, ignore the connected device (name like TWO75) in the [Settings] - [Bluetooth] - [My Devices] system

(2) If it is an Android phone: Please check if there is a device name starting with TWO in the system [Settings] - [Bluetooth] - [Paired Devices] list, if there is, please make sure to click to cancel the pairing.

(3) Once you've confirmed that the above steps are OK, try the following methods one by one to see if you can reconnect:

Turn off Bluetooth and turn it back on after 10 seconds.

Close the app and reopen it.

Restart the phone and reopen the app.

A: Please check whether the network is good.

Confirm that you have selected "WLAN" and "Cellular Data", switch between WLAN and cellular data and then try again. If there are still problems, please contact customer service.

Please check if the totwoo Notification permission and Background App Refresh permission are enabled, if the jewelry and the app are connected, and if new totwoo notifications can be received by the phone.

A: No. One phone can only connect with one totwoo at a time.

If you need to connect your jewelry to the other phone, you need to disconnect the bluetooth of first totwoo.

Note: If an iPhone was previously connected, remember to ignore the connected device (name e.g. TWO75) in System [Settings] - [Bluetooth] - [My Devices] before reconnecting the other phone.

A: This is largely due to the voltage transition of your power adapter, which is incompatible with the voltage of the totwoo charger. The voltage output of the totwoo charger is standard at 5V, which is the same as most mobile phones. However, it cannot adapt to output above 5V (which can be found in the data specifications of your power adapter) or fast charging power adapters. Please try to use your mobile phone charger adapter to connect to the totwoo charger, or charge the totwoo with your computer. If you still cannot charge it, please contact customer service

Quick Start Guide - How It Works